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it’s in the works… I’m currently on holiday so no writing for me for a week. only alcohol.

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When will the next update be?

I’m not sure, but it is in the works

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Thank you so much for the update. You are awesome and I immensely enjoy reading your words <3

it’s always a pleasure


by justsomebrittanagleek

(Brittany/Santana | NC-17 | AU | Warning: G!P)

And so all of a sudden, there’s no doubt in Santana’s mind at all.

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I am probably the wrong person to ask this, anon, because I don’t have much sympathy for this type of complaint.

I’m going to gently (but not too gently) correct the mistaken assumption you have that authors owe you fanfiction in what you perceive to be a timely manner.

Let me tell you, as a fanfiction author, that I wish I could give you all a new one-shot every other day and a multi-chap update every week.

I know many others who wish the same, but can’t.

Because, you know, we have lives.

Real lives. Like in the real world. With real commitments - school to graduate, jobs to go to, both of which we need our sleep for. We have families and boyfriends who demand (and deserve) our time and attention. We have sports teams we may be committed to, projects we’re involved in, or organizations we ally our time and resources with.

And sometimes, an author may have a free day and just wants to sleep in.

Because fanfiction writing is a hobby.

A cathartic and fun one, yes, but a hobby just the same. 

And as such, that hobby, therapeutic and fun though it may be, doesn’t get first priority. Or second. Or third. Or sometimes fourth.

I’ve known one author who basically left the fandom because of the pressure to update quickly and how aggravating that sense of entitlement, I know another who almost left, but didn’t, aun I see asks for the big fandom authors (Jules and BC) weekly asking when will you update? next chapter? how far along are you? spoilers?

For the most part, authors are all super gracious and kind. Because no fanfiction author is hoarding a completed chapter and deliberately withholding it to be mean. Readers are awesome and bringing happiness to someone else’s day-that’s the best compliment, right?

But to get an anon asking where in the hell the update is….that doesn’t help at all. It actually sucks the joy out of writing. And when there’s no joy, it usually—well, it usually sucks.

I’m not telling you how to feel about the subject, but really?

Please, do go write a fanfic. Come up with a plot or a concept, write a rough draft to flesh it out, edit it, maybe rewrite it, find a beta and send it to them, get it back, look at their suggested changes versus your suggested changes, edit it again, send it back to the beta again, maybe scratch entire scene or plotline,  make sure your characters are in character and saying and doing the things they ought to be doing in a way that makes sense and is also compelling to read. Do all that, and post them and maybe get no reviews, or bad reviews. And do it again anyway, because you enjoy doing it.

But you will very quickly see how long it takes—how involved the process can get—because most of the people I know want to want to post work they are proud of, work that takes effort, and can’t (and shouldn’t) be whipped up overnight.

In terms of word count-a hundred thousand words-which is what most multi-chapter fics are-those take real time authors, who do it for a living as their primary income, months and years to complete. And that’s with a fleshed out concept, dedicated time to complete it, and an editor to help the process along.

Your favorite author may be stressing about finals, or working on the third draft of a chapter that just isn’t coming together right, or god forbid, having a relaxing day in the sun.

Like that’s her choice and she will post it when she can and she probably wants it posted, too.

So patience, dear. Have some patience. And go write a oneshot.

You know what’s more encouraging to an author then ‘when’s the next chapter’ or ‘update quicker!’ - leaving positive feedback about what you liked about the last chapter or the story as a whole (be specific!) - because sometimes the author is having a long dark tea time of the soul and just seeing a reminder of what’s good about their story can help them remember why they were excited about writing the story in the first place, and feel enthused enough to get back into it.


This cannot be said enough.


Don’t be rude to the lovely authors! They deserve a thank you not a work order!


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U also seem like an amazing person. I hope you find inspiration again soon. Partly for selfish reasons, but mostly bc u seem to thrive and live through ur writing. Or at least that's the impression I get, good luck! :3

Wow… well thank you so much! I do agree and think my writing has stepped up since the beginning but as I’ve left it such a long time, I’m pretty sure should I go back to writing, it would have gone completely downhill I’m afraid :/

I hope I get back to it at some point, I do miss writing and get the urge to sometimes, but it’s finding the time and motivation now as I barely have time on the computer anymore!

Thank you once again, and I hope you’re doing well! Always lovely to hear from someone like you.

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Ive been following ur writing since the beginning. I'm not an English teacher, or even an english major...but the progression of ur writing ability has been an amazing experience for me. Its such a joy and I've come to love you as an author. (Cont)

(answer in next post)

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Will you maybe update Some Things Are Meant To Be, please? :(

I’m slowly getting there

really in the mood to write something

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Ok so I just read the Bodyguard, and can I just say that this was one of few fics where it felt like a full on suspense movie in my head HolY FuCk!!! Praise you, seriously. It's so hard to find any good ones. WHY CANT IT BE A REAL MOVIE OMFG