really in the mood to write something

brittanaheyanemo wondered:
Ok so I just read the Bodyguard, and can I just say that this was one of few fics where it felt like a full on suspense movie in my head HolY FuCk!!! Praise you, seriously. It's so hard to find any good ones. WHY CANT IT BE A REAL MOVIE OMFG


Anonymous wondered:
Can u please update ur stories?

no, sorry

Anonymous wondered:
In the NKIN universe, do Brittany and Santana get married and have children?

I like to think some other things happened afterward, but there may be a one shot at some point as I did plan one out to explain

Anonymous wondered:
Amazing!! Im hooked on that snippet! Is it Santana's POV?? And can you give us a summary? Info about it? Cute!

yeah it’s Santana’s POV. there’s mentions of Quinntana, so apologies, and Brittana don’t know each other at the start.

Anonymous wondered:
Any good news about your stories??

not really. I mean this new idea has me going when I have any creative juices so here, have a tiny weeny snippet:

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Anonymous wondered:
How will u get inspired to finish your stories?? :( i miss them like af

I don’t know man… I’m trying and even completed GTA V and watched like a million movies to get inspiration so hopefully you’ll see something soon

Anonymous wondered:
When do you think we will get the update of the new fanfic?! :) Love your stories a whole lot!!!!

thank you very much :) but I don’t know man… I’m so busy all the time but maybe not soon…

Anonymous wondered:
Did u start writing on any of your updates?


for some reason I had inspiration to write a completely new one. because that makes sense.

Anonymous wondered:
Spoilers on STAMTB please!

I ain’t got none soz bro